Vukani forms part of HCI Ltd. Vukani Gaming Corporation (“VGC”) holds interests in nine route operator licences, one in each of the operational provinces and two in KwaZulu-Natal, and trades under the names of VSlots and Luck@it.

Vukani is 100% South African owned and operated and has been involved in the LPM industry since the opening of the first site in South Africa. To date the most prominent brand within Vukani has been VSlots. VSlots was established in 1994 and is the largest Route Operator in South Africa.

Because of its extensive experience in the various provinces, Vukani has built up a solid track record, operating more Limited Payout Machines (LPM) in South Africa than all other operators combined. It has been the policy of Vukani to apply for route operator licences in each and every province in South Africa, an objective which has been successfully achieved to date.

The experience gained from the conduct of licensed LPM operations in the various operational provinces regarding the geographic distribution of LPM’s, the financial viability of sites and appropriate measures to prevent the over-concentration of machines is of indisputable value to any route operator. Vukani therefore possesses the required expertise seamlessly to achieve a realistic and feasible establishment, equitable but judicious distribution, solid management, business sustainability and the controlled expansion of limited gambling machine operations within a socially responsible framework.

Vukani has effectively and efficiently provided exceptional, but socially responsible on-site entertainment in the form of gambling to the social and economic benefit of communities in all the other provinces in which it is licensed.

Collectively the staff of Vukani command excellent knowledge of the gaming industry in South Africa. In addition, Vukani offers extensive National experience at all levels of the LPM operation. Vukani is able to call upon the expertise of Business Development Executives in every province in which we operate to assist Site Owners in growing and improving their businesses.